Credit Dispute Letter- How to Avoid Mistakes?

According to Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1970, anybody can initiate a credit dispute letter to dispute negative billings issued on their credit cards. This letter can help you fix up the credit errors that according to you are wrong. So you want to remove them out from your credit card bills.

It is  the first step towards repairing your credit report and the actual process may take much longer. In response to this dispute letter, credit bureau either has to remove the disputed credits from the report or have to verify it.

Writing a credit dispute letter

credit sidpute letterThe dispute letter needs to be properly formatted in order to acquire the desired result. It should be well written, properly formatted as a business letter and should be send to credit bureau in question via registered mail. Include copy of your credit report along with the credit dispute letter and be clear with your words in order to make your points clear. It would be better report single dispute per letter.

Keep a return receipt request with each letter you send out so as to keep a trail over your letter. You need to follow these steps in order to make your credit dispute letter potent to get those negative bills removed from your reports:


  •  Checking the credit report: first check your credit report properly for any bills that you think have nothing to do with you. Check for the personal identification information along each faulty report and if there is a mistake in identification information, it is better to dispute over this matter first as the other related things will automatically get sorted with the dispute. Sometimes, the listing that match your details, can get listed out with your credit report and if so is the case, it can easily be solved through recognizing personal identification information.


  •    List the report to be disputed: make a list of all the items in the report that you consider as faulty. Once you get that list ready, start writing your letters. It is better send each dispute separately, or else credit bureau may get confused and consider it irrelevant. If a single letter contains more than required number of disputes, it is likely to get the claim rejected by the credit agencies.  But as a fact, according to FCR act of 1970, credit card companies are bound to provide the requested details of the report in question of credit dispute letter and have to verify the listing or have to remove it from the report. You need to be patient and make things smooth going, it is better adopt simplicity with highlighting only one dispute in your credit report per letter.


  • credit sidpute letter Formatting the dispute letter: when writing the dispute letter, it is better to make them hand written if handwriting is not an issue and uses strong words in order to make your points clear about the improper credit listing. Do not elaborate much in the letter and make it short and uncomplicated, easy to understand. If you don’t know how to write a precise dispute letter, many sample letters are available over the net and with the aid of a search engine, you can easily find a copy of the same and format your letter accordingly.

It takes almost a month time to get a reply of the credit dispute letter from the credit agency. While sending the letter, include a mandatory reply within 30 days of receiving the letter and if they fail to report back, that means they couldn’t verify the details or would have misplaced your letter. In certain cases, they may ask to submit the required information again. That is the reason why you need to be patient and get things sorted one after the other.